TSA Nationals


In case you aren't familiar with our club, visit our home page to learn more about Amador Valley TSA, and TSA as a whole.

As a brief overview, TSA is nationwide program that offers a myriad of events in a diverse selection of STEAM topics for students to compete in, either individually or on student teams. For competitors in California, there are two stages the competitive journey: a regional competition with Northern Californian TSA Chapters (Milpitas, Mountain House, and Harker) in mid-March, and the National conference over Summer, which top qualifying chapters from across the nation compete in.

If you're interested in competing with Amador Valley TSA, you must sign up for the regional competition (below) by Friday, February 9th.

Sign Up

To sign up, mark your name down on the sign up sheet for Regionals. You can sign up for a maximum of 6 events (and we strongly encourage you do 5-6!) We highly recommend pre-forming a team with friends before signing up (it's more fun that way), but you can also email us if you need a team.

Check out this Google Drive folder for all the information about TSA's competitive events, and you can find all this year's Themes and Problems here.

If you have not already done so, we strongly urge you to join our mailing list to stay informed on important information as the 2023-2024 TSA competitive season approaches.